Kenya: Musician flees country over political song

6 October 2017
Musician Tom Mboya Ang’ang’a (Atomy Sifa) was forced to leave Kenya for Tanzania after he claimed to receive death threats from unknown people over a song.
Photo: Tom Mboya Ang’ang’a (Atomy Sifa)/Facebook


Kenyan musician Tom Mboya Ang’ang’a (popularly known as Atomy Sifa) was forced to leave the country for Tanzania in July 2017 over his participation in a controversial political song “Uhuru Nyale” (Uhuru is Capable) with musician Tede ja Kenya, after the artist claimed he received death threats from unknown people, reported Kenyan news source Daily Nation on 30 July 2017.

The song advises the Luo people, an ethnic group in eastern Africa of which the musician is a member, to support the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and stop supporting rival Raila Odinga for the problems he has caused the group. Sifa claims that the death threats he received were for allegedly insulting Odinga in the song.

Sifa said he had no idea what the song was about and that he was invited to be part of the video for the song when he was passing by Tede ja Kenya’s shoot. Sifa added: “I have composed more than four songs for Mr Odinga and I cannot compose a song calling him names”.

At the time a gang raided Sifa’s shop, which caused the musician to flee, reported Kenyan entertainment news source SDE on 7 September 2017. SDE reported that the musician has been relegated to performing menial jobs to make ends meet in Tanzania and would like to return to Kenya in time to cast his vote in the upcoming re-elections.

Elections in Kenya were held on 8 August 2017, but the results were contested by main opponent and former prime minister Odinga and a new election is set to be held on 17 October.

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