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29 October 2013

PEN International is deeply concerned by news that the poet and social activist Aron Atabek has been transferred from a high security prison in the city of Arkalyk to another – as yet unknown – prison. His family are very worried.


PEN International reported on 29 October 2013 that the imprisoned Kazakh poet Aron Atabek is being held in a detention centre in Karagandy, and that he has been moved there in order to attend the first hearing of his appeal against the two-year solitary confinement sentence that he received in November 2012.

Two years in solitary confinement
In 2012, Atabek was sentenced to serve two years in solitary confinement in Arkalyk Prison following the publication of his book, ‘The Heart of Eurasia’, a work that is highly critical of the Kazakh government.

Since August 2013, PEN International has been campaigning for Atabak to be removed from solitary confinement and placed in a prison within reasonable visiting distance of his family.

A letter signed by Marian Botsford Fraser, the Chair of the Writers in Prison Committee, was sent to Kazakhstan’s Minister for Internal Affairs (responsible for prisons), demanding that Aron Atabek’s family be notified immediately of the exact location of the imprisoned poet.

See how you can take action:

PEN International – 24 October 2013:
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