South Korea: K-pop stars receive death threats

28 June 2017
In mid-June 2017, K-pop group Apink and K-pop singer Mina, from group Twice, received death threats, via social media and phone, respectively.
Photo: Apink (left) and Twice (right)/Wikicommons


In mid-June 2017, K-pop group Apink and K-pop singer Mina, from group Twice, received death threats, via social media and phone, respectively, reported The Korea Herald.

The newspaper reported that an unidentified man called Gangnam police in Seoul on the evening of 14 June 2017 saying that he wanted to stab the members of Apink to death at a specific time that evening. Police immediately were dispatched to protect the artists, who were rehearsing at the time.

The man said he wanted to stab the members as retaliation for the group’s management agency, Plan A Entertainment, filing charges against him. The agency filed charges in May 2017 against internet users who posted malicious comments against group member Son Na-eun.

“It’s not just the members who are shocked, it’s all of us. It [death threat] is not something that we can just laugh off as a joke,” an official from Plan A Entertainment told the newspaper.

The agency said it would continue to press charges on those who threaten the group.

Another threat a day before
Just a day earlier, Twice member Mina Miyoui received a death threat via social media of an image of a wrist and a knife accompanied by a message that the singer would be violently murdered if she didn’t mutilate her supposed boyfriend, reported the newspaper.

It was later discovered the threat was a practical joke, but the group’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, said it would have “no mercy” on the person who made the threat and promised to take legal action.

The person who made the threat later posted an apology and said he did it “just to become popular”.

Like Plan A Entertainment, JYP Entertainment also said they will take stronger measures against those who threaten their artists.

K-pop group increase security in US
Earlier in the year, K-pop group BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) received a series of death threats that spurred them to increase their security during the US portion of their world tour, reported Billboard on 29 March 2017.

The death threats came from a specific Twitter feed of an “anti-fan” of the band and featured specific plans against one of the members, Jimin, and how they would be shot from a specific place during the performance of a specific song at the Anaheim Honda Centre in California.

The Twitter feed also featured bloody images and images of guns.

“Anti-fans” are people who have an aversion to a particular piece of media or artist and usually specify that media or artist in their name. The Twitter feed in question for BTS was a specific anti-BTS account.

These latest threats come in a long line of K-pop stars who are often threatened or attacked.

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