Jamaica: School principal wants ‘negative songs’ banned

24 April 2006
The principal of the Mona High School in Kingston has called for the banning of songs with lyrical contents that have a negative impact on the youth, reports The Jamaica Observer


In a speech made at the Jamaica Teachers’ Association’s conference on classroom behaviour management, held in Ocho Rios on 19 April 2006, school principal Earl Smith reportedly said:

“There is a view which says that anything artistic should not be censored because it is a creative expression, and so on. But if it is having that kind of negative impact on our young people, that is something that we are fighting against, the violence and the aggression, then we have to do something about it. And my view is that these things should be censored, banned from the airwaves and the electronic media. I have no qualms about it,” said Smith.

He added that all types of music, whether they be dancehall, hip hop or rap, should be banned once the lyrics are negative.


The Jamaica Observer – 21 April 2006:
‘Principal wants songs with negative lyrics banned’



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