Jamaica: Ban on violent and explicit sexual lyrics

4 October 2010
A government-led crackdown on violent and explicit sexual lyrics seems to have stalled reggae music’s 20-year slide into what has been dubbed “murder music,” wrote Zadie Neufville from Kingston on 14 September 2010.

In February 2009 the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica banned all songs with violent and explicit sexual lyrics from the airwaves in the country. 19 months after, dancehall stars are reported by GBM News to have begun changing the messages in their music.

Together with police enforcement of the Noise Abatement Act, and rigorous monitoring of live performances, performers’ use of vulgar and aggressive language have virtually disappeared, reported Zadie Neufville.

Recent gun attacks on prominent artists, and show and visa cancellations worldwide is mentioned to have been contributing factors.

Celebration of violence
In recent years, the celebration of violence and an escalation of graphic sexual commentary have made dancehall reggae an affront to religious and gay communities. See more reports below.

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GBM News – 22 September 2010:
‘Broadcast ban forces cleanup of ‘murder music’ ’




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