Italy: Nude statues covered up for Iranian president

29 January 2016

rome statue cover upClassic nude statues were covered up in Rome’s Capitoline museum when Iranian president Hassan Rouhani walked through its halls during his Italy visit, reported The Guardian on 27 January 2016.

Rouhani and Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi held a press conference in the museum and it is supposed the statues were covered up so as not to offend the Iranian guest. The nude statues were covered by white wooden boxes.

There are conflicting reports from both governments and various political offices, as well as from the museum’s administration, as to who ordered the cover-up. So far there has been no conclusion, though Rouhani’s, Renzi’s, Italian culture minister Franceschini’s, and the museum’s offices have stated that the order did not come from them.

This was the first time in over a decade that Rouhani has toured Europe. During the press conference and event in the museum, Italy decided to not serve wine due to Iran’s laws on alcohol consumption.

Photo from Arteide Facebook, the superimposed actual statue on the right is what is covered up by the white wooden boxes in the centre of the photo


» The Guardian – 27 January 2016:
Italy and Iran deny requesting cover-up of nude statues for Rouhani visit 

» Examiner – 27 January 2016:
Italy censors art to avoid offending Iranian president

» Art Forum – 27 January 2016:
Outrage ensues as Italy covers nude statues to accommodate Iranian president’s visit 

» NPR – 27 January 2016:
Massive cover-up: Nude statues in Italy deemed too racy for Iran’s president

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