Israel: Palestinean drummer arrested and dumped in wasteland

7 January 2014

Drummer Samer Jaradat was arrested by Israeli police at a checkpoint on the road between Nazareth and Jericho. Police claimed that his papers weren’t in order.


“From all what we know, there was nothing wrong with his papers,” told Steinar Larsen, the director of Trondheim Soloists whom Samer Jaradat was touring with.

A quintet from the Norwegian internationally renowned Trondheim Soloists together with the Palestine artist Rim Banna and Norwegian composer and artist Henning Sommerro had been touring Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Beit Sahour and Nazareth with a Palestine drummer and a sound engineer from Jerusalem.

“Our bus was stopped for an hour, and heavily armed guards took our drummer,” said Steinar Larsen to the Norwegian newspaper Tidens Krav. Shortly after the ensemble’s last concert on 26 December 2013, Mr Larsen got a message via the ensembles sound engineer that Jaradat was released and dumped in a remote area without clear knowledge of where he was. During the night the ensemble was still trying to find out where Jaradat had been dumped to help him out.

The ensemble of the Trondheim Soloists had to travel back to Norway, but Larsen said they continuted to follow Jaradat’s situation closely.

Adresseavisan – 26 December 2013:
Arrestert og dumpet i ødemarken

Tidens Krav – 26 December 2013:
Pågrepet trommeslager skal være satt fri

NRK – 26 December 2013:
Trommeslager arrestert i Israel

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