Israel: Gaza theatres battle censorship and conservatism

3 April 2014

A lack of female performers, the siege and close monitoring by the Hamas government has resulted in a dwindling Gaza theatre industry, reported Al Monitor.


Hanouna said that the theater’s decline began about eight years ago, “when artists started self-censoring their work and thinking of the ruling authorities and their opinion about plays and the conditions for obtaining approval, such as examining the text.”

Hanouna recalled a play he directed in 2010 and adapted from the novel ‘The Pearl’ by John Steinbeck. The play was stopped because it wasn’t approved by the Ministry of Culture, so Hanouna sent the play’s text to the ministry and then a ministry delegation came to attend the show. They immediately authorized the play because it was of high quality.

“I don’t hide the fact that I practice self-censorship on my plays and that I’m careful with high-level creative work [to avoid external monitoring],” he added.

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