Israel: Artist arrested for wearing naked woman costume

16 September 2020
Image: Zeev Engelmayer performing as his character Shoshka / Shoshke Engelmayer on Facebook


5 September 2020: Israeli artist Zeev Engelmayer was arrested by police because he wore a naked woman outfit as a part of his artistic character Shoshka, and participated in the protest held outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s house, reported The Times of Israel.

He was released in the evening on the same day.

According to News 1, police said they arrested the artist because he was “dressed as a naked woman, in a way that could constitute sexual harassment of the public.”

The artists published a statement on his Facebook account saying that he was treated poorly while in detention and that he will file a complaint about his detention procedures.

הי אהובים, מאז מוצ"ש אני סביב העניין הזה, תקשורת, משטרה, נסערת, ומנסה להבין מה קרה שם, ולמה. 🔴למה אחרי ארבע שנים שאני…

Posted by Shoshke Engelmayer on 2020 m. rugsėjo 7 d., pirmadienis


Engelmayer performs as Shoshka for years, but, according to The Times of Israel, police insinuated that the outfit aimed to portray Sara Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s wife. She filed a complaint last month for alleged sexual harassment by protesters who demonstrate outside Prime Minister’s house in Jerusalem.  

According to Al Jazeera, protests against Prime Minister Netanyahu began after the alleged corruption and the “government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic”. The crowd demonstrating outside of the Prime Minister’s house demands his resignation.

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