Iran: Six musicians arrested

24 April 2007
 Authorities in Iran have reportedly detained at least six members of underground music bands during the past week and shut down their studios, Radio Farda reported.

According to the radio station, at least two detainees who were taken into custody on 19 April 2007 have been freed on bail after pledging not to distribute illegal compact discs of underground music.

In Iran, the authorities have deemed rock music contrary to the Islamic Republic’s moral code. In December 2005, Ahmadinejad banned all Western music from state-run TV and radio stations, threatening a reversal of reforms made under his more liberal predecessor, Mohammad Khatami, who was widely seen as responsive to the demands of the younger generation.

Censors keep a close watch on the domestic arts scene, but nevertheless, many young Iranians find their way around the ban to listen to Western music, and some unsanctioned Iranian acts have developed their own underground styles of rock and hip hop.




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