Iran: Over 200 rock fans arrested at concert

22 August 2013

On 16 August 2013 Iranian authorities arrested over 200 fans at a heavy metal concert with the band Dawn of Rage.


Police raided the concert without any explanation despite organisers having received a permit from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance sanctioning the event.

The concert took place in Shahrak Gharb, an affluent neighborhood of Tehran, according to the online news site Rooz, which also wrote that authorities released all attendees, a third of whom were women, after a brief period of detention.

Security officials also confiscated the mobile phones of concertgoers and forced them to strip naked for signs of ‘satanic’ symbols.

In 2007 authorities similarly raided an unauthorised concert that was considered ‘satanic’ and arrested over 200 people, who were deemed “Satan-worshipping instigators” by the prosecutor.

Iran Wire – 22 August 2013:
Heavy Metal Rage in Iran

Global Voices Online – 17 August 2013:
Iran: More than 200 People Arrested At Rock Concert
Sazmakhfi writes 220 people were arrested at a rock concert in Tehran on Friday. Iranian security forces did not allow Iranian metal band Dawn of Rage performs its concert.


Dawn of Rage’s offical Facebook page:

Associated Press – 6 August 2007:
Iran Arrests 230 Youths Attending ‘Satanic’ Rock Concert

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