Iran: Ministry rejects instrumental CD

29 August 2005

The Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has rejected a 10-track instrumental album carrying the English title ‘Trails of the soul’ – with the reasoning that “Western rock is the product of drug addicts”.

Robert Tait of the Guardian reports that, despite restrictions, rock bands in Iran still try to get a hearing.

“We are swimming against the tide and we anticipate that it might be impossible,” says Misakian, 34, lead guitarist and songwriter in Norik Misakian Band who produced the instrumental rock album.

The group has reapplied for permission in what will be an important test of the cultural climate under Iran’s ultra-conservative new President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. To do so, its producer is trying to persuade the authorities that its aims are purely musical, not political.

The Guardian

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