Iran: Government bans famous Ramadan singer

8 August 2011
The 70-year-old singer Mohammad-Reza Shajarian’s beloved Ramadan song ‘Rabbana’ is banned by the Iranian authorities, reported Karen Zarindast from Iran in a video clip for the BBC.

In August 2010, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported the same, but at that time the Iranian state television official in charge of religious programming, Parviz Farsijani, said that Shajarian’s version of the song had not been banned and that it could be aired in the coming days.

“For 30 years people in Iran have broken their day of fasting during Ramadan to a song by the country’s most popular traditional music singer Mohammad-Reza Shajarian. His song, ‘Rabbana’, has now been banned by the Iranian authorities. Attempts have been made not only to replace his song with a new one, but to wipe 30 years of memories.”

“After the dispute of the presidential elections in 2009, Shajarian like many other artists voiced his unhappiness with the election results. He even sang about it. He then asked the Iranian state radio and televisions not to play his music, except for the ‘Rabbana’. But the authorities reacted by banning all of his songs,” explained Karen Zarindast in her tv report.


Mohammad-Reza Shajarian
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BBC News – 4 August 2011:

‘Iran has banned a Ramadan song by Shajarian’

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty – 17 August 2010:

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