Iran: Cancellation of several pop concerts

5 July 2012
A new wave of concert cancellations started from Tehran and has spread throughout the country, reported Small Media from London.

Just one hour before it was scheduled to start, a concert of traditional music by Salar Aghili was cancelled in Hamedan. According to media reports, a local director of the administration board of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had ordered the cancellation. The reason behind the decision was not revealed.

A second cancelled event was scheduled to take place in Noor on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Local authorities requested that the audience at Ehsan Khaje Amiri’s pop concert be segregated by gender. However, because families and group bookings could not be separated, it was subsequently cancelled. Read more by following the link below.

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UPDATE 30 July 2012 

Two more concerts have been cancelled

Small Media reported about two more instances of concerts being cancelled by local authorities with permission being revoked for the scheduled performances of Ali Ghamsari in Qazvin and Shahrdad Rohani in Kerman.

Respected traditional musician Ali Ghamsari said that his concert was cancelled due to the inclusion of women musicians. He had been denied permission in other cities for the same reason.

Renowned orchestra conductor Shahrdad Rohani also had his concert in Kerman cancelled. Although Rohani’s performance had received governmental permission, it was cancelled at the last minute by Kermani officials who declared the concert “inappropriate”. In response, Shahram Ameri, the head of the Kerman Music Society, resigned for what he termed “lawlessness” and “lack of discipline”.

Following the cancellations of these concerts, Dariush Pirniakan, the spokesman for the House of Music, strongly protested the actions of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and held the Minster himself directly responsible for the damages caused by this mismanagement: “If the Ministry issues permission for a concert, then other governmental organisations must respect it and cooperate with the artists. Unfortunately, it is not like this; no one pays attention [to whether permission has already been granted] or punishes the responsible party.”

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