Iran: 165 Iranian artists and activists protest charges against two musicians and a filmmaker

27 January 2016

Iran_two-musicians-filmmake165 Iranian musicians, filmmakers, writers and activists have signed and released a statement objecting to the 2013 imprisonment and 2015 sentencing of Mehdi Rajabian, a musician and founder of BargMusic, an alternative music distributor in Iran, along with his filmmaker brother Hossein Rajabian and musician Yousef Emadi.

All three have been sentenced to six years in prison for “insulting the sacred” and “propaganda against the state” through the production and promotion of underground music, as well as having been fined 200 million tomans (about USD 66,650) each.

The artists appealed the decision at Branch 54 of the Tehran Province Appeals Court on 22 December 2015 and are awaiting a final decision by presiding Jude Babaei in January 2016.

Freemuse and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, along with 14 other organisations, have also called on Iranian authorities to drop the charges on these three artists. For more click here

Read the full statement by the 165 Iranian artists and activists here in Persian and English

If you’re an artist or activist and would like to add your name to the petition contact us at

* Petition was updated on 22 February 2016 to add the signature of five more artists. The petition now has 170 signatories.


Petition coverage in the news:

» VOA News – 27 January 2016

» Radio Farda (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) – 27 January 2016

» International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – 25 January 2016

» BBC – 15 January 2016

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