Iran: 13 musicians arrested in Isfahan

2 March 2009

Brigadier general Mer-Abbas Sofivand, local head of the State Security Forces, told the daily newspaper Kayhan that 13 musicians have been arrested, and 90 CDs seized by police in Isfahan.


“The group was composing and recording songs in the basement of a house in Isfahan,” Mer-Abbas Sofivand is quoted as saying, stating that the 13 musicians were also recording songs for a satellite channel abroad.

In a snap attack on the premises, police seized 90 CDs, a satellite receiver and an optional disk drive. According to Sofivand the musicians admitted to having connections with a satellite channel abroad. one of Iran’s historical cities, very popular for tourists, and with a rich music life.

The interview with Mer-Abbas Sofivand was published in Kayhan on 28 February 2009, and then translated to English and published on the internet by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran on 2 March 2009.




NCR-Iran – 2 March 2009:

‘Iran: 13 musicians arrested in Isfahan’

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