India: Rift in censor board over list of ‘banned words’

14 February 2015

In India, the Central Board of Film Certification witnessed a “minor internal rift” after a board member publicly criticised the statutory body for releasing a list of words and references that it wanted banned from films.

Objecting to the list of words ‘not to be used in film’ issued by board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, board member Ashok Pandit called it “against the freedom and creative liberty of a filmmaker.”

The banned words include English and Hindi references. The list also includes the notification to change the name Bombay to Mumbai as per the Government of Maharashtra notification in the year 1996. The nomenclature of Maximum City was recently in news as the previous Censor Board under Leela Samson had deleted the word ‘Bombay’ from an English song by artist Mihir Joshi.

The list also mentions that there should be no ‘double meaning words’, violence against women and bloodshed should not be glorified.

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