India: Play demanded banned by Catholic church

16 October 2015

The Catholic Church in India has demanded a ban on the play ‘Agnes of God’, an adaptation of American playwright John Pielmeier’s drama about a nun giving birth to a child.

The church has alleged the play is a ‘wrongful portrayal’ of priests and nuns committed to a life of celibacy and hurts the sentiments of the Christians.

The play premiered on 5 October 2015. It was originally scheduled to premiere on 4 October, but was cancelled because the instructor Kotwal said he had been receiving threats.

After facing threats of being banned in Mumbai and Kerala Catholic/Christian associations in Hyderabad have also upped the ante seeking a ban on the play. The protesters warned that if the government fails to stop the play from being screened, there will be ‘serious’ repercussions.

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