India: Actress receiving threats for controversial TV show

24 July 2020
Assamese actress Preety Kongona
Image: Assamese actress Preety Kkongona / Picture taken from the Preety Kkongona´ Instagram page


On the 10 of July, Assamese actress Preety Kkongana filed a police complaint to Dispur Police after receiving rape and death threats, for of her role in the TV series “Begum Jaan”. The series has caused a lot of controversies, as nationalists claim that it promotes “Love Jihad”, reported the Time8.

Kkongana, plays the role of the protagonist, a Hindu girl who has to fight against society and is helped by a Muslim man in a difficult situation. According to the Outlook, the boycotters claim that the show depicts a Hindu girl marrying a Muslim boy and eloping, which fuels communal tensions between Hindus and Muslims. 

The alleged promotion of “Love Jihad” has been denied by the production company. There is nothing in Begum Jaan which goes against the Hindu Dharma. Without watching the series, some people have projected it as a love jihad, where the Hindu sentiment is hurt. I request everyone to refrain from such comments. We are open to show the entire series, and if there are any scenes which might hurt the sentiments of the Hindu religion, we are ready to delete it,” said Sanjive Narain, owner of AM Televisions.

“Two persons, namely Bikram Nath and Kishor Das, have been threatening me and harassing me mentally for a long time. Bikram Nath has even threatened me with rape, acid attack, and murder. Kishor has used abusive words against me on social media and spoke of rape and murder. This is extremely disturbing for me, and I’m worried for myself and my family. They have also called me a prostitute,” told Kkongana to the Outlook.

According to The News Mill, the rate of crime against women in Assam is almost three times the national average, which shows the seriousness of these rape and death threats.

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