Germany/Netherlands: Faroese metal band shows cancelled over whaling

29 September 2016

Viking heavy metal band, Týr, from the Faroe Islands, have had at least six concerts of their 17-date November European tour supporting Norwegian metal band Sirenia cancelled over lead singer Heri Joensen’s participation in the Faroese practice of whaling.

According to heavy metal news site on 30 August 2016, venue owners of club Logo in Hamburg issued the following statement about their cancellation:

It came to our attention only after the official confirmation of the show that the head of the band plays an active part in Grindwaljad [whale hunting] in the Faroe Islands, a practice that we abhor deeply. Such people will naturally not play on our stage.

As of the publication of this article, Týr is no longer listed on the websites of five venues in Germany, including Logo in Hamburg, Postbahnhof in Berlin, Alte Zucherfabrik in Rostock, Café Central in Weinheim and Essigfabrik in Cologne, as well as the Gebr de Nobel venue in Leiden, Netherlands.

Joensen has since been vocal about the reasons behind why he and other Faroese practice whaling and has appealed to his fans to reach out to the venues on the tour to re-instate the concerts or to put his band back on the bill.

Photo: Section of the tour poster


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