Germany: Cancelled Mozart opera show possibly reinstated

2 October 2006
The Berlin opera house which cancelled a Mozart opera show because of concern it could provoke violence by Muslims now says it might consider staging the production after all

Michael Schindhelm, head of the foundation that oversees Berlin’s opera houses, told German radio that he is working with the Deutsche Oper to find ways to reinstate “Idomeneo” – the now world-famous opera production which includes a scene with the severed heads of the Prophet Mohammad, Buddha and Jesus.

“If there was a new security plan, we could consider it,” Alexander Busche, a spokesman for the Deutsche Oper, said when asked about reinstating “Idomeneo”. Although the opera house had agreed on its program until mid-June, there were some free days which could be used, he said.

A police spokesman told Reuters that police would be available if the opera house decided to stage the work but said there had been no talks with its management.

Berlin’s councilor for internal affairs Erhart Koerting said in a statement the capital’s security forces would be able to adequately protect the performance at the Deutsche Oper.

Some media speculated that other German opera houses might be willing to stage it. The heated debate in Germany highlights the growing fear of Islamic radicalism around Europe.



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