Gambia: Music banned during Ramadan

14 June 2016

A Gambian state police statement issued on 6 June 2016 announced a ban on music, drumming and dance in “all ceremonies, festivities and programmes” taking place, day or night, during the holy month of Ramadan, reported Nigerian newspaper Punch on 9 June 2016.

The statement warned that “all those engaged” in playing music or dance “will be eventually apprehended and face the full force of the law without compromise”.

Police public relation officer Lamin Njie also said the police encourages the public to report anyone who infringes the new regulation.

“People are complying with the police order banning drumming and dancing during the month of Ramadan and so far no one has been arrested by the police for violating it,” Njie told AFP.

The president of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, with no forewarning, officially proclaimed the nation an Islamic republic on 11 December 2015, making it Africa’s second Islamic republic after Mauritania. Islam is practiced by 90% of the country’s population.

Photo above of Gambian president Yahya Jammeh


» Al Jazeera – 14 June 2016:
Gambia bans music, drumming and dancing in Ramadan

» Music in Africa – 13 June 2016:
Gambia: No music during Ramadan

» Punch – 9 June 2016:
Gambia bans music, dance during Ramadan

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