Freemuse received Danish ‘Grammy’ at Danish Music Awards 2012

26 November 2012

At the venue Global in Copenhagen on 23 November 2012 Freemuse received a Danish Music Award in the category ‘Special Achievement’.

Freemuse Executive Director Marie Korpe and Programme Manager Ole Reitov received the award which was presented by Marie Carelse, Chair of World Music Denmark. In addition to the honour the prize came with a trophy and a bouquet of flowers.

The jury’s motivation sounded like this:

“Freemuse receives the ‘Special Achievement’ award 2012 for tirelessly having stood up for musicians’ right to express themselves — and to have placed a needed focus on the fact that also musicians are being murdered, persecuted, threatened and expelled simply because they express their opinions through music and lyrics.
Freemuse looks beyond national borders — whether abuse of musicians is being committed in Western Sahara or in Russia. Recently, Freemuse created some particularly loud noise in the case of Pussy Riot in Russia.
Freemuse receives this evening’s prize for its focus on musicians’ rights to express themselves freely and critically.”

Photo: Jacob Crawfurd,



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