Freemuse Newsletter no. 3 / 2013

28 August 2013

Marie Korpe

Freemuse Executive Director leaves
Freemuse Executive Director, Marie Korpe is leaving her position on 31 August 2013. Marie Korpe coordinated the 1st World Conference on Music and Censorship in 1998, co-organized with The Danish Institute for Human Rights and Index on Censorship. In 1999 she co-founded Freemuse and was appointed Executive Director of Freemuse by the Executive Committee in 2000 when Freemuse opened its secretariat in Copenhagen.
Marie Korpe developed Freemuse from an idea to an internationally recognize d organisation, which has set many new standards in documenting music censorship and advocating artists’ rights to freedom of expression.

Says co-founder and Freemuse Chair, Martin Cloonan, “On behalf of the Executive of Freemuse I would like to sincerely thank Marie Korpe for the outstanding contribution which she has made to the organisation. She has been a dedicated, inspiring and supremely efficient Director who has won the admiration of people across the globe for her work on behalf of the organisation. I would also like to pay tribute to the way in which she has held Freemuse together for over 15 years and thus helped censored musicians across the globe. Freemuse’s loss is very great, but thanks to Marie’s work there is much to build on. The many achievements of Freemuse have been built upon that work and the organisation owes her a great debt. For now we wish her the very best for the future and thank her for making Freemuse what it is.”
Professor Martin Cloonan
26 August 2013 

The Freemuse Secretariat
Freemuse Programme Manager Ole Reitov has been appointed as Interim Director of the secretariat from 1 September 2013.
Freemuse has moved its office on 22 August, and the new address is: Skindergade15, 2nd floor, DK-1159 Copenhagen K, Denmark
The transfer of the website proved to be a challenge and we apologize for the problems it have caused you as a visitor. The final adjustments are being made in the coming weeks and we kindly ask for your patience.

‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’

newsletter2013-2_c-malibookThe e-book ‘Music, Culture & Conflict in Mali’, published by Freemuse in May 2013 has been well received by reviewers and readers. Written by Andy Morgan, ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’ takes an in-depth look at the crisis that overtook Mali in January 2012 and lead to a ten-month occupation of the northern two-thirds of the country by armed jihadi groups.
The book is available as a digital edition here (Price: £5.80 / $8.99) and in paperback here (Price: £12.41 / $19.99).  Read more

Freemuse receives core funding from Sigrid Rausing Trust and has recently received funding for updates and management of from Fritt Ord, Norway. The website was established in connection to the conference ‘Listen to the banned’ – World Conference on Artistic Freedom of Expression – held in Oslo October 2012. Currently negotiations are held with several donors in regards to project funding.

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