Freemuse launched campaign to tackle violence and censorship online at RightsCon digital event

28 July 2020

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“They invent algorithms that don’t present the reality. We have to know who is designing these algorithms. Who are these people?” 

Aleksandra Strzelichowska, Freemuse report Privatising Censorship, Digitising Violence: Shrinking Space of Women’s Rights To Create In The Digital Age 


27 July 2020: Freemuse launched its major campaign #KnowArtisticRights during its session at the RightsCon Online 2020. The campaign was launched during the   Tackling Online Censorship session which included a panel of experts from across the human rights and arts sectors.  

“We would like to send a clear message to artists: you are protected by human rights mechanisms and frameworks your work is important and you the right to express yourself artistically in all spaces – free from fear of harassment or censor,” said Freemuse Executive Director Dr Srirak Plipat.  

During the session, in conjunction with the campaign, Freemuse launched its first comprehensive Digital Toolkit. The toolkit explores and publishes the digital rights which protect artists online, provides a guide for what to do when their right to artistic freedom has been violated and outlines good practices in the digital space. By engaging in the conversation around this toolkit, artists, activists, policymakers, corporate leaders will be provided understandings of what digital rights protect artists and creatives.    

The toolkit is the first of many to be launched under the yearlong #KnowArtisticRights campaign. The campaign is aimed at artists to open the dialogue and provide understandings of the human rights protecting artists and their freedom of expression and will cover a range of different definitions of artistic rights that span different continents and themes. From Latin America to North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania to the intersection of artistic expression and LGBTI or minority rights, the campaign will work to define artistic rights, what artists can consider a violation, what legal remedies they may have, and what organisations they can contact to advocate on their behalf when their rights are violated.   

Session experts included:  

For more information on the #KnowArtisticRights campaign, click here. For more information on the Digital Toolkit, click here.  

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