Freemuse concerned about attacks on the artist Leonel Giacometto

1 October 2020
Image: Leonel Giacometto / Leonel Giacometto on Facebook


On 19 August Argentinian LGBTI theatre writer and producer Leonel Giacometto has been attacked and shot in Rosario, Argentina by unknown individuals reportedly in the act of homophobia when he was protecting his friend who was beaten on the street, reports La Capital 

Freemuse is concerned about attacks on the artist Leonel Giacometto motivated by his sexual orientation. We call on the Mayor of Rosario to publicly reassure its people that the city respects and values the diversity of cultural expression including of LGBTI artists and people.” said Dr Srirak Plipat, Executive Director of Freemuse, “Everyone, including Leonel, has to right to live and express themselves artistically and freely without fear of repercussion such as these.” 

Giacometto was first attacked when he was defending his friend, who was beaten. Two hours after that incident, the same group of unknown individuals shot Giacometto and his partner twice. The shouting insults was related to the artist’s sexual identityOn 20 August, the artist has been attacked again.  

The artist published images on his Twitter account, depicting his looks after the attacks.  

The Secretariat for Gender and Human Rights of Rosario said in the Tweet that they “repudiate the homophobic aggression” towards Leonel Giacometto and that they are accompanying the artist and providing him with “care and advice”.  

Leonel Giacometto, who is a prominent and awarded theatre writer, condemned the series of homophobic attacks in the Baigorria and Casiano Casas areas in ArgentinaThe artist told Le Capital that he also faced assaults because of his sexual orientation in the past, but recently the attacks grew to be of significant violence.  

From January 2018 until June 2020, Freemuse documented 149 acts of violations of artistic freedom related to LGBTI themes in 40 countries and online.  

Freemuse condemns the attacks on theatre writer and producer Leonel Giacometto and highlights the alarming discrimination of artists based on their sexual orientation.  

Freemuse calls on the city of Rosario to condemn the violence and make public statement the city respects and protects everyone including LGBTI people. Freemuse calls on Rosario police authorities to investigate the attacks and bring perpetrators into justice. 

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