Freemuse calls on the Danish Refugee Board to stop the deportation of Angolan artist Adelina Kiame

5 August 2020
Photograph of artist Aaiún Nin looking downwards.
Image: Aaiún Nin / Facebook


Today, 28-year-old lesbian poet, painter and performance artist, Adelina Estrela do Sacramento Kiame (artist name Aaiún Nin) is set to be deported from Denmark.  

“The deportation of Aaiún Nin, an artist who expresses their political views and LGBTI identity through their artistry, is a disappointing outcome to this asylum case. We call on the Danish Refugee Board to halt Aaiún’s deportation and reopen the case including consulting experts in the field,” said Dr Srirak Plipat, Freemuse Executive Director.

 On 29 July 2020, the Refugee Board in Denmark denied asylum for Aaiún Nin on the grounds that the artist does not risk persecution or asylum-based abuse as a result of her sexuality. 

Aaiún Nin, who was born in Angola and moved to Denmark in 2016has published her works in several Scandinavian magazines under her artist name Aaiún Nin and performed poetry readings on literature festivals in Denmark and Norway, including Sound + Literature in Aarhus and Oslo International Poetry Festival. 

According to Amnesty International (Denmark), in rejecting the asylum case, the Danish Refugee Board stated that it has used information provided by the Danish Immigration Service on the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2019 and how punishment for hate crimes against homosexuals in Angola have been sharpened. Because of this, the Board affirmed that the artist does not risk persecution or asylum-based abuse as a result of her sexuality. 

Freemuse research indicates how the permeating and regressive influence of the rise in populist political movements and dismantling of vital protections is being felt amongst LGBTI artists and those producing LGBTI artwork, and in the year since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Angola, the government is yet to develop and implement an action plan to combat and prevent discrimination against LGBTI people in the country. The situation in Angola remains problematic for LGBTI people. 

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