Freemuse calls for credible investigation on the death of Ugandan musician Ziggy Wine

8 August 2019
Image: Ziggy Wine / Twitter
Image: Ziggy Wine / Twitter

Ugandan musician Ziggy Wine has died on 4 August 2019 as a result of injuries sustained after being abducted and tortured reports BBC Africa.

Ziggy Wine’s family have reported his abduction and resultant death may be a response to his opposition of Ugandan President Yoweri Musevi. According to Okay Africa, the artist (given name Allinda Michael) was a known supporter of fellow musician-turned-politician and aspiring presidential opposition candidate Bobi Wine and his Power People resistance movement. Ziggy Wine was further signed to the Bobi Wine’s music label Firebase Crew.

“Musicians should be free to express themselves without fear that their high profile will make them a target for violent retaliation. We call for an independent and effective investigation of the abduction and torture that led to the death of musician Ziggy Wine,” Freemuse Executive Director Dr Srirak Plipat said.

Bobi Wine (given name Robert Kyagulanyi), who has most recently charged with intending to “alarm, annoy or ridicule” the Ugandan president during a court hearing, is currently facing a possible life imprisonment term on charges of treason, as reported by DW. The charges relate to a 2018 incident whereby it is alleged that Bobi Wine, along with fellow opposition supporters, threw stones at President Museveni’s convoy.

Bobi Wine released a statement on his social media pages condemning the activities and calling for support.

Fellow supporters have shown their support in memorial of the artist and called for the wider community to stand up against the State.

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