France: Play cancelled, then rescheduled, over religious concerns on LGBT content

30 November 2017
A play set to be performed in private catholic schools was cancelled over its gender equality material; the decision was reversed days later.
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Several performances of theatre company L’An 01’s play “X, Y et moi?”, scheduled to be performed as part of festival NovAdo at various private catholic schools in Aveyron, were cancelled on 15 November 2017 by the Rodez diocese, which oversees catholic education in the municipality, over the play’s material tackling gender equality issues, reported 20 Minutes.

The move was allegedly motivated by an article posted online on website Riposte Catholique, titled “Le lobby LBGT fait son entrée dans l’enseignement catholique de l’Aveyron” (The LGBT lobby makes its entrance into Aveyron’s catholic education [system]). The article was then widely reposted on catholic websites and an online campaign was initiated on social media against the play, which claimed it promoted LGBT values. The diocese and school directors cancelled the performances acknowledging they had not seen the play, reported France 3.

On 19 November, however, Pierre-Marie Puech, director of the Saint-Joseph de Rodez school group, saw a performance of the play and realised that the propaganda was false, which led the diocese to reverse its decision reschedule all performances in their initially planned venues.

“I have presented my apologies to the persons who acted in the show. [It’s a] quality [show], it will be played; maybe not today, but tomorrow, because we have been manipulated,” said Puech in video footage to France 3.

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