France: Artist targeted over a kiss during the performance

30 March 2020
Signer Hoshi kissing a female dancer on stage.
Image: Screenshot of singer Hoshi kissing one of her dancers during performance of Amour Censure / Hoshi on Instagram


February 2020: French singer Hoshi (real name Mathilde Gerner) has received numerous threats on social media platforms after she kissed one of her dancers during the performance of Amour Censure / Love Censorship on 14 February 2020, reported PurePeople.

Since the performance, the artist has received anonymous hate messages via social media channels, varying from insults to the threat of death. According to Jean-Marc Morandini, Hoshi filed a complaint and an investigation has begun to identify the people responsible for sending the threats.


The song, which is considered to be an anthem against homophobia and “Manif pour tous” – movement opposing same-sex marriages – has been performed during the ceremony of 35th Victoires de la Musique.

Paris Match reported a comment made by Hoshi to Mouloud Achour.

“If it would have been another music, I would not have kissed a woman on stage. It was really to campaign against homophobia,” the artist said.

“I have filled a complaint, it went super far (…). I have been threatened with death for two weeks for that”. The identification of the authors of the messages is ‘in progress’,” Hoshi added.

According to Jean-Marc Morandini, Hoshi was attacked twice in the past because of her homosexuality.

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