Eritrea: Writers and poets unexpectedly released from prison

26 January 2015

Six writers have been released after six years’ arbitrary detention, reported PEN International, a global organisation of writers which campaigns for freedom of expression and an end to persecution of their fellow writers.

Four of the six released writers – Negusse, Misghina, Teferi and Fisseha – had been adopted as ‘main cases’ by PEN International. Four of them are poets and one is a playwright.

Ghirmay Abraham, Bereket Misghina (also known as Wedi Misghina), Meles Negusse, Petros Teferi (also known as Wedi Qeshi), Basilos Zemo and Yirgalem Fisseha (f) were released on bail in the evening of 21 January 2015 after almost six years in detention without charge or trial.

“This is a welcome step from a country with an atrocious record on freedom of expression,” PEN International said.

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