Egypt: Union president suspends six singers from performing

14 January 2016

hany shakerHani Shaker, controversial president of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, issued a decision to suspend six singers from being able to work as artists based on their behaviours during performances, reported Al Arabya News.

Shaker stated that their behaviour was not in line with public morals as they wore “body revealing clothes” and acted “racy” and “sexually suggestive” on stage, including dancing while singing, to “deliberately stir instincts and desires”.

The suspended singers were Karima Gamal Ahmed, Nema Adel known as  “Shahd”, Nahed Adel known as “Lamis”, Yasmin Yusri known as “Farah”, Dalia Yusef known as “Sandy”, and Fatma Jaber known as “Fifi”.

Shaker took the decision after coming to the assessment that the six singers were dancing more than singing in their public performances. The issue came to Shaker’s attention after a complaint was filed to the union’s action committee, who investigated the complaint and watched videos of the singers’ performances.

This decision comes just five months after the union passed a resolution in August 2015 banning artists from wearing indecent clothing and using vulgar language on stage and television.

Photo from Hani Shaker’s Twitter


» – 6 January 2016:
Singers suspended from work on debauchery charges, Hani Shaker

» Al Arabya News – 6 January 2016:
Hani Shaker: Six singers suspended from union because of clothing

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