Egypt: Tunisian singer Najla refused entry

1 April 2005


Najla worked as a belly dancer and singer in Egypt. She had taken a short vacation from Egypt and visited her homeland Tunisia, but was shocked upon her return that Cairo Airport Security would not let her enter the country

The news of Najla’s banning from Egypt was a rumor at first, but was validated when an Egyptian newspaper revealed that the singer was held at the airport for 12 hours endlessly trying all means to get permission to re-enter Egypt. None of the singer’s contacts in Egypt were able to help her out and give her passage way into the country, reports Al Bawaba.
According to Al Bawaba, it was revealed that the decision of Najla’s banning was made to please a number of parliament members that had attacked the manner of Najla’s method in filming her music videos. Najla’s first music video ‘Hatlob Ieedak’ (‘I Will Ask for Your Hand Tomorrow’) waged a wave of criticism after the singer showed up in the clip with very revealing and seductive outfits and riding on a horse. Najla herself believes that her music videos are legitimate and there is nothing wrong with them. She has now seeked residence in Lebanon in an apartment west of Beirut. “In Lebanon I am free to move as I please without being condemned for my manner in singing”, says Najla.

The Egyptian Musician Association has announced that it is very serious in its fight against pornographic music videos, including the ones by Najla. It is argued that such music videos are an insult to Arab music.
“Najla will under no circumstance ever be allowed to sing in Egypt again,” says Hassan Abu Su’ood from the Egyptian Musician Association according to the Qatar based daily newspaper Al Raya.

The censorship committee at the new Arab satellite music channel Nogoom has also decided to ban the airing of all songs of Najla.  The song ‘Bahh’ (which means ‘Empty’ or ‘Nothing’) was taken off the air after it had been televised for ten days. The Arab satellite channel ‘Melody Hits’ has banned her videos as well.


Al Bawaba, 28 March, 2005:
‘Egypt refuses to change its mind about Najla’

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