Egypt: Theatre play banned in governorate of Suez

12 February 2016


The governorate of Suez has banned the theatre play ‘Ghaybouba’ (‘Coma’), starring well-known Egyptian actor Ahmed Bedeir, in response to a public outcry over its tarnishing of Egypt’s 2011 Revolution and its martyrs.

The governorate of Suez is home to the first martyrs of the 25 January uprising against Mubarak in 2011.

The decision allegedly was a response to complaints issued by Egyptian citizens who expressed their dismay and disapproval of the play via the governorate’s official Facebook page.

Actor Ahmed Bedeir is an outspoken critic of the January revolution and continues to be a staunch supporter of the Mubarak regime. The play was produced by Theatre House (Beit El Masrah El Fanni), a body that operates under the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

Photo on top of this page: Scene from ‘Ghaybouba’ starring Ahmed Bedeir. Photo: Courtesy of Theatre House


» Ahram Online – 10 February 2016:
Qalioubiya governorate bans Bedeir play for attacking Egypt’s 2011 Revolution

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