Egypt: state censorship committee bans music videos

1 April 2005

Egyptian authorities have initiated a crack down on music videos which feature females barely dressed. As popular female stars reveal more and more flesh, controversy grows in Egypt’s mainly Muslim society

The Egyptian Censorship Committee has banned 20 music videos “which featured sexual connotations and females barely dressed”, stressing that even the words sung by the singers held no meaning and were basically gibberish.

The committee refused requests by video producers to eliminate some of the inappropriate scenes and allow the clips to be aired, stressing that if singers wanted their songs aired they must reproduce the entire clip in a suitable matter fit to be aired and watched.

The Egyptian Musician Association has announced that it is very serious in its fight against pornographic music videos, and it intends on forming a committee that will be responsible for trying to convince different music channels that air such videos in stopping them. It was argued that such music videos are an insult to Arab music.

End to free concerts
There are muslims in Egypt who believe music should be banned entirely. In June 2005, journalist Mona Eltahawy visited the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo where she interviewed the deputy guide, Mohammed Habib. He told her that if the Muslim Brotherhood ever comes to power in Egypt they will “of course” censor music videos and put an end to free concerts. The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed, but tolerated, in Egypt and cannot contest elections.


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