Egypt: Satirist released from prison

11 June 2021
Image: Satirist Shady Abu Zaid / Screenshot from YouTube


25 May 2021: Satirist Shady Abu Zaid was released from prison after being detained for six months over a video deemed “offensive to the Egyptian police”. He previously spent more than two years in pre-trial detention for alleged “spreading fake news” and “joining a terrorist group”, reported Egyptian Streets.

Abu Zaid was first arrested in May 2018 when he was accused of joining an illegal group and spreading fake news. The Giza Court issued an order to release the artist in 2020 as he was held in pre-trial detention for two years. Abu Zaid was released, only to be arrested again for six months over the video published in 2016.

The artist was detained over his involvement in a video deemed as “offensive to the Egyptian police” from 25 January 2016, depicting Abu Zaid and actor Ahmed Malek distributing inflated condoms to police officers with the phrase “from the youth of Egypt to the police on 25 January”.

Shady Abu Zaid is a satirist and vlogger known for his satirical shows about essential issues in Egypt’s society. He started a YouTube channel under the name The Rich Content, which now has over 20,000 subscribers.

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