Egypt, Lebanon: Trance music boycotted for Israeli collaborations

3 July 2015


German trance music producer and DJ Paul Van Dyk has had his new album ‘The Politics of Dancing 3’ banned in Egypt, Lebanon and several other countries in the Middle East, allegedly because it was produced in collaboration with Israeli producers.

Paul Van Dyk, one of the world’s most famous trance artists, made a point to include producers from all over the world – including Israel – on his new album album. The purpose of the project was specifically to bring everyone from different cultures together, and he entitled the album ‘The Politics of Dancing 3’ to show the unifying power of dance music, bringing in numerous established and up-and-coming DJs, including several from the Arab world, such as the Egyptian duo Aly and Fila.

Israeli products, including cultural products, are boycotted in many countries in the Middle East.

“If there is friction between countries on a political agenda, that happens, sadly enough. But to pull the plug on art? Where is the future if artists cannot work together because of something like this?”
Paul Van Dyk

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