Egypt: Growing number of concerts cancelled for “security reasons”

22 April 2015


A scheduled concert in Egypt with the Lebanese singer Meriam Fares is the latest in a long row of live concerts which have been cancelled by the Egyptian police during April 2015, allegedly for “security reasons”.

The Ministry of Interior also has cancelled live concerts which were scheduled to be held in Cairo, quoting “security reasons” as well.

Some of those concerts were with renowned singers such as the Egyptian singer Mohammed Monir, the Lebanese singer Nicole Saba and the Egyptian singer Ihab Tawfik.

Meriam Fares, who is seen on the photo above, was planning to sing at a big live concert at Cairo Stadium with another Egyptian singer on 24 April 2015 at the Egyptian spring festival which in Egypt is called the Sham El Neseem holiday. However, the Ministry of Interior decided to call off the concert on the grounds that even the stadium venue would not be able to contain the big number of attendants which might reach 14,000 persons, according to the Ministry.

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