Ecuador: Exhibition closed ahead of schedule over religious complaints

29 November 2017
Marco Alvarado’s exhibition at the Museum of Las Conceptas in Cuenca was closed three months earlier than planned due to complaints from religious groups.
Photo: On the day of his exhibition’s early closure, Marco Alvarado was giving a guided tour when an audience member attacked one of his works/Facebook


Artist Marco Alvarado’s exhibition “Difícil de leer, entre mi luto y mi fantasma” (Hard to read, in between my sorrow and my ghost) at the Museum of Las Conceptas in Cuenca, was closed on 13 November, ahead of its planned February 2018 closure, over complaints from religious groups of the city, reported El Telégrafo.

The order was given by museum director Mónica Muñoz, who told Alvarado that the city’s mayor had phoned in saying that they had received complaints from “the religious orders” in the city.

Earlier that day, there had been an incident at the exhibition regarding an infuriated student who took offense and physically attacked one of Alvarado’s artworks, “Catalino” – an autobiographical collage that also uses religious images as metaphors of experiences, feelings or impressions.

The museum is co-owned by the Museo de las Conceptas Foundation,  Archdiocese of Cuenca and another religious order in charge of taking care of the building, reported El Comercio.

The exhibition opened on 31 October 2017.

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