DR Congo: Censorship commission’s music ban leads to arrest

5 September 2011
A tv programme director was arrested for having broadcasted an allegedly ‘immoral’ music video with the Congolese band Zaïko Langa Langa

This was reported by Journalist in Danger (Journaliste En Danger, JED) in Kinshasa.

Junior Kudur Kasongo was arrested on Tuesday 30 August 2011 at the head office of CMC TV, a private television channel broadcasting in Kinshasa, by three men who presented themselves as officers of the National Commission on Censorship. Kasongo was accused of “unauthorized distribution” of a music video from the four-track album ‘Bande annonce’ (‘Trailer’) which serves as a prelude to an upcoming album from the famous band Zaïko Langa Langa. The video displays a new form of dance by the band.

Junior Kudur Kasongo was released the day after his arrest, after 14 hours in detention, upon payment of the equivalent of 500 US dollars.

Before the incident on 30 August, reported JED, CMC TV had received several notices from the National Commission on Censorship to stop broadcasting the song ‘Diki Diki’ by the musician Ferre Gola, because the song had been banned by the commission.

Throw water all night
Also, an audiovisual copy of a live concert by the Kinshasa-based musical group Wenge Musica was reported to have been banned on all radio and television stations nationwide for its offending lyrics, “kobeta Mayi Butu Butu” which in word by word translation means, “throw water all night”, meaning to ejaculate or make love all night long.


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