Dominican Republic: Eight more songs banned from circulation

11 July 2018
The Comisión Nacional de Espectáculos Públicos y Radiofonía announced that eight more songs have been banned due to their “vulgar content”.
Photo: Bad Bunny (left); J. Balvin (right) / Facebook


On 20 June 2018, the Comisión Nacional de Espectáculos Públicos y Radiofonía, the agency responsible for regulating radio and television content within the Dominican Republic, announced that eight more songs and their accompanying music videos have been banned from circulation due to their “vulgar content”, reported Remezcla.  

Agency president JM Hidalgo said in a statement that the vulgarity of the banned songs and videos derives from their “inconsiderate” references to “high sexual content, [obscenities], incitement to death, suicide and use of prohibited substances”, wrote the Associated Press.

Among the list of prohibited songs are: “Estamos Clear” by Miky Woodz and Bad Bunny; “Quiero Hablarte” by Bryant Myers; and “Lo Que Diga Yo” by El Alfa and Jon Z. Other artists who have been affected by this most recent ban are Pencil Conciente, La Materialista, La Manta, Farruko, Chimbala, Khea Duki, Cazzu, Nene the Threat and Flow Mafia. All of the artists affected by the new provision produce similar genres of Latin urban-style music, ranging from trap to dembow, explained Remzcla and Diario Libre

Notably, on 11 May 2018 the commission had issued a ban on eight other songs, only two months prior to this most recent resolution. The following tracks were included in the initial ban: “Ven Menéate” by El Mayor ft. Fefita la Grande; “Mi Totico” by Sheka Sánchez; “Limonada Coco” by Musicólogo the Libro ft. Lápiz Conciente; “Me subo arriba” by La Insuperable; “Si tu novio te deja sola” by J Balvin ft. Bad Bunny; “Nunca me amo” by Jon Z ft. Baby Rast & Boy Wonder; “La última vez” by Anuel AA ft. Bad Bunny; and “0 sentimientos” by Jon Z ft. Baby Rasta & Noriel & Lyan & Darkiel & Messia.

The artists are still allowed to perform the songs during their live performances.

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