Cuba: Visual artist dismissed from ‘illegal printing’ charges

12 April 2021
Image: Carolina Barrero/ Carolina Barrero on Facebook (Left); Art print of José Marti/Carolina Barrero on Facebook (Right)


25 March 2021: The Cuban authorities dismissed the legal proceedings against visual artist Carolina Barrero for “illegal printing”, categorised under Cuban law as a crime against public order, according to El Diario de Cuba.

Barrero is an art historian, artist, and activist. She wrote on her Facebook: “We need to know that we can defend ourselves against arbitrariness and fight for our legal rights. Today we have won.”

Entre todos podemos construir una cultura de derecho, tenemos que saber que podemos defendernos ante la arbitrariedad y…

Posted by Carolina Barrero on Thursday, 25 March 2021


On 19 March, the artist was detained by Security State officers after leaving her house under surveillance. She was accused of attempt to participate in the protest at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in favour of journalist Karla Pérez, whose entrance to Cuba is banned.

Counter-intelligence officers interrogated her about her posts on social media and filed a Detention Act and Warning Act against Barrero. 

The prosecution against Barrero started on 7 February under Article 210 of the Cuban Penal Code for clandestine printing, as CiberCuba reports. Its penalty can be from 3 to 12 months in prison or a fine.

Barrero’s prosecution is also a consequence of her request for withdrawal of the Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso and taking part in the November 27 protests.

The art print at stake contained the silhouette of José Martí and the text: “I have two homelands, Cuba and the night, or are they one of both?”

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