Cuba: Rapper Maykel Osorbo detained

9 October 2020
Rapper Maykel Osorbro portait
Image: Maykel Osorbo / Maykel Osorbo on Facebook


9 October 2020

Rapper Maykel Osorbo arbitrarily detained again

29 September: Cuban rapper Maykel Osorbo was released from detention after State Security officers violently arrested him the day before at the recording studio allegedly for the new campaign calling for a change in Cuba, reported Periodico Cubano.

The artist informed about the arrest on his Facebook account, saying that seven officers forcibly detained him.

Maykel Osorbo detenido a golpes por agentes de la Seguridad del Estado!Entraron violentamente a la vivienda de un…

Posted by Maykel Osorbo 349 on Monday, September 28, 2020


According to CubaNet, the new San Isidro Movement’s campaign “Sign for the change of Cuba” is a form of protest against the regime.

Amongst others, Cuban visual artist Luis Manuel Alcántara and Anamely Ramos were detained when they arrived at the police station to get information on Osorbo whereabouts. They were released a couple of hours later.

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1 September 2020

Rapper Maykel Osorbo arbitrarily detained again

On 18 August, Maykel Osorbo was detained by Cuban police, reported CiberCuba and TopHoy. He was then released hours later, as reported by ADN Cuba.

The musician was arrested with no apparent reason while he was talking to another person in a park in La Habana. According to ADN Cuba, the reason might be Osorbo’s protest on social media about the humanitarian aid delivered to Cuba but not distributed among the population. The donations were gathered by a Cuban community in the south of Florida and sent to Cuba to help the locals deal with the Corona crisis, but the government did not hand the donations over to church organisations for them to be distributed.[0]=68.ARD4gs7au-DPBKN_Ltjdu3YGAoo0oywb30YHc2nl2b-_OWsgbPUKvf8u__HEu0iq8oDUzVRGskUhQhwQPDmyRqLUpGdB-_U2SrxBUzYq5aCIL5mvW2aGSC8WxxEkfcvusNzF9fBAlkX_Xa_-0mP0FRrkx_ccmXshFZ5OOPM5Uv-W1hMVIPc3t0-lRyl42SFzynqOm5gISLhnuNtiDSwZj_G6nooMMsV0bOnx60TkjRYVnbUGwF-zmjqkBPG7oA93Bl-fVNNcvaJI8v4oT7erUWeYHvAH_9LnWVQMbHVNr7e40Uq7Ig3xk1BYIXA0IvLN8fSO3stiO9SddQVzYlNViog&__tn__=-R


The artist was also threatened with losing custody of his daughter because of the “education he and the daughter’s mother were giving her”, reported CiberCuba, among other threats to persuade him to give up anti-regime activism.

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Rapper Maykel Osorbo detained

19 August 2020

5 August: Cuban rapper Maykel Osorbo was released from detention after he was arrested on 3 August by the Havana police, reported CiberCuba.

The arrest came after Osorbo’s declaration that he would go with a group of friends to Zulueta to show solidarity with the 14 families who are requesting proper housing.


In the statement published on Facebook after his release, Osorbo states that he was kidnapped for 27 hours.

“From today, 6 August, I am going to dress up as a prisoner, not for myself but for all those political prisoners in Cuba who did not have visibility so that the people could raise their voices for them,” said Osobro.

“I just want the Cuban to be able to breathe, to be able to walk and not be watched, that the young people not be indoctrinated. People are tired of living in such a sad reality. The people need a change. We want democracy,” the artist added.

Posted by Cántalo TV on Thursday, August 6, 2020


Cuban activist Esteban Rodríguez has been detained for demanding freedom for Osorbo. He was released on 5 August.

Maykel Osorbo is a rapper who openly opposes the Cuban authorities in public statements and his songs.

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Rapper arrested over COVID-19 video

6 May 2020 


15 April 2020: Cuban rapper Maykel Osorbo was detained by the National Revolution Police while recording a Facebook Live video in which he spoke about local politics and COVID-19, reported CubaNet 

Police claimed that the artist was broadcasting images that are illegal under Decree 370 and accused the artist of “contempt” and contributing to the “spread of epidemics”. 

The video of Osorbo’s arrest is circulated on social media channels.

Detienen al rapero cubano Maykel Obsorbo

#ÚLTIMAHORA | Hace pocos minutos una patrulla policial se llevó detenido al rapero Maykel Obsorbo. Le arrebataron su celular y amenazan con aplicarle el represivo Decreto 370

Posted by ADN Cuba on Wednesday, April 15, 2020


According to Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Decree 370 establishes legal norms for the informatization of society in Cuba and punishes “hosting a site on servers located in a foreign country, other than as a mirror or replica of the main site on servers located in national territory” and “to disseminate, through public networks of data transmission, information contrary to the social interest, morals, good manners and integrity of people.”  

Additionally, epidemic propagation is regulated in Cuba by Article 187 of the Penal Code and by Decree 272 /article 19.  

This is Osorbo’s second arrest this year as he was arrested by the police in Habana on 17 March 2020 and detained for four hours without any explanation given according to Ciber Cuba 

Osorbo was sitting at Obispo Street with two other people when three police officers came up to the artist and asked for his documents. When Osorbo asked for the reasoning behind the request, the police officers said that they just had orders.  

The police officers took the artist’s phone and handcuffed him while the other two people were not approached. Osorbo was taken to the police station where he waited for four hours for the chief to arrive. The chief never showed up and the artist was released. 

Osorbo published a video of his arrest on his Facebook profile.  

Esta es la cruda realidad represión totalitaria, no ay de otra que seguir luchando, ok

Posted by Maykel Castillo Pérez on Monday, March 16, 2020


Maykel Osorbo is a rapper who openly opposes the Cuban authorities in public statements and his songs. He has recently joined Movimiento San Isidro – the collective of artists that fight for freedom of artistic expression. 


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