Cuba: Graffiti artist arrested over insulting leaders

26 January 2015


Danilo Maldonado, a graffiti artist better known as ‘El Sexto’ (The Sixth), was arrested again on 26 December 2014 while driving two pigs to a Havana park, prior to one of his scheduled visual art performances, reported Capitol Hill Cubans. He is facing three years in prison.

The performance allegedly entailed releasing the two pigs onto the streets with the names Fidel and Raul painted on them.

“Police charged El Sexto with ‘insulting’ and threw him in jail, where he remains while awaiting trial. Laritza Diversent, a dissident lawyer, tried to win El Sexto’s release by filing a writ of habeas corpus arguing that El Sexto had been arrested aribitrarily. Also, she wrote that Fidel and Raul are common names and anyway, the government should not be so sensitive to criticsm. Officials rejected her arguments. Meanwhile, Diario de Cuba and other sources reported that El Sexto has developed pneumonia and is not receiving needed medical care.”

» Uncommon Sense – 22 January 2015:
Cuban artist falls ill while in jail on charges he ‘insulted’ Castro brother-dictators

» Capitol Hill Cubans – 26 December 2014:
Famed Cuban Artist Arrested, Transferred to Secret Police Headquarters

» Artsfreedom – 14 July 2014:
Graffiti artist El Sexto charged and detained
The Cuban graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado, known as ‘El Sexto’ (The Sixth), has been in custody since 4 July 2014, charged with “violation of domicile and injury”. According to Cuban activists, Maldonado will be prosecuted by the Cuban authorities under the pretense of a common crime.

Video for the Release of Imprisoned Cuban Artist “El Sexto”

12 March 2015:
Cuban punk rock group, Porno Para Ricardo, has filmed a music video demanding the release of artist Danilo Maldonado ‘El Sexto’. The song asks that El Sexto “not be given three years for two pigs.”


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