Cuba: Artist Tania Bruguera arrested again in Havana

11 June 2015


On 7 June 2015, artist Tania Bruguera was arrested once again in Cuba, along with dozens of other activists, and was manhandled by the police, reported Hyperallergic.

As with most information about Bruguera over the past few months, the news — which Hyperallergic has not been able to independently verify — comes via the Facebook page for her project #YoTambienExijo (“I also demand”), which was a planned participatory performance on New Year’s Eve in Havana’s Revolution Square that led to Bruguera being arrested multiple times.

Cuban authorities allegedly also confiscated her passport and are pressing charges against her.

Photo: Artist Tania Bruguera showing the bruises she received at the hands of Cuban police during her most recent arrest (screenshot via Facebook)

» Hyperallergic – 9 June 2015:
Artist Tania Bruguera Arrested Again in Havana, Injured by Police
By Jillian Steinhauer

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