CPJ: Eritrea, North Korea and Syria among 10 most censored countries

2 May 2012

Eritrea has emerged as the world’s most censored country, the Committee to Protect Journalists has found in its analysis of press restrictions around the globe. Following closely on CPJ’s 10 Most Censored Countries list are North Korea, Syria, and Iran — three nations where vast restrictions on information have enormous implications for geopolitical and nuclear stability.

The 10 most restricted countries employ a wide range of censorship techniques, from the sophisticated blocking of websites and satellite broadcasts by Iran to the oppressive regulatory systems of Saudi Arabia and Belarus; from the dominance of state media in North Korea and Cuba to the crude tactics of imprisonment and violence in Eritrea, Uzbekistan, and Syria. One trait they have in common is some form of authoritarian rule.

    • 1. Eritrea


    • 2. North Korea


    • 3. Syria


    • 4. Iran


    • 5. Equatorial Guinea


    • 6. Uzbekistan


    • 7. Burma


    • 8. Saudi Arabia


    • 9. Cuba


    10. Belarus

For this list, CPJ considered only countries where restrictions are imposed directly by the state. In Somalia and vast sections of Mexico, journalists practice extensive self-censorship in the face of extralegal violence.

CPJ – 2 May 2012:
10 Most Censored Countries
CPJ’s analysis identifies Eritrea, North Korea, Syria, Iran as worst

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