Comoros: Rapper detained 24 hours for insulting president

7 June 2014

MC Cheikh, one of the Comoro Islands’ most popular rappers, was arrested for tagging a wall denouncing president Ikililou and holding up a sign saying ‘Ikililou hates us’.


MC Cheikh wrote:

“On 5 June 2014 at around 12:00, I was arrested and placed in custody with a group of other young people for ‘insulting the head of state’. A few hours earlier, I had decided not to be an accomplice, by my silence, to a government headed by a president who despises the people.

Yes, I say and repeat loudly that I could not stay observing and endorsing the action of a government that is about to suffocate the Comorian economy because of its inability to be able to provide electricity to homes and commercial units. (…) My release, like that of the other youngsters, occurred 24 hours after our arrest. The authorities claim to have done so to preserve social peace. But how can we preserve social peace if those who were supposed to protect us continue to despise us?”

The Comoro Islands or the Comoros – in French: Les Comores – is a group of islands situated off the south-east coast of Africa, to the east of Mozambique and north-west of Madagascar.


» Comores Actualites – 5 June 2014:
Cheickh MC arrêté pour avoir taggué contre Iki
Dans la journée du jeudi, l’artiste Cheikh Mc et deux autres jeunes sont arrêtés par la Brigade de Recherches de la Gendarmerie Nationale pour Offense contre le Chef de l’État.

» Wiki profile of Cheikh MC:

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