Colombia: Musician killed after receiving death threats

21 April 2021


6 April 2021: A group of unknown individuals killed musician Rafael Domicó Carupia in front of his house in Amparradó Popalito in Colombia, reported Clarin.

National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia / Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia (ONIC) denounced the murder of the musician in their Twitter post.

According to Publimetro, Carupia, who is known for promoting the Embera people’s traditional music, previously reported that he was receiving death threats.

Clan del Golfo, the largest narco-criminal organisation in Colombia, has been operating on the territory where the Embera, the third-largest indigenous people, live.  

According to the latest Human Rights Watch’s report on Left Undefended: Killings of Rights Defenders in Colombia’s Remote Communities, “indigenous leaders are disproportionately represented among those killed,” with 69 indigenous leaders killed since 2016. This represents 16 percent of the 421 human rights defenders killed during that period.

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