2 August 2012




China: Danish singer banned by censorship authorities
The Danish singer and rapper Linkoban performed twice in Beijing in July 2012, despite the fact that she had been banned by the Chinese censorship authorities
02 August 2012
China: Increased control on music publishing in Tibet
New measures by Chinese authorities involve significantly increased controls in the Tibetan music publishing, reported Human Rights Watch on 13 July 2012
14 July 2012
China: Tibetan singer arrested and taken to unknown location
Fear for the safety of Tibetan singer Lo Lo who was arrested on 19 April 2012 and whose whereabouts and fate since then are unclear
14 May 2012
China / Tibet: How singers sidestep an oppressive law
In a review of a concert by three Tibetan musicians performing in London, Samuel Ivor describes how hidden messages are conveyed in the Tibetan folk music
15 November 2011
Nepal: Police disrupts Tibetan culture show
Tibetans in Nepal are facing increased restrictions on cultural performances. Recently a programme by a Kathmandu-based group was broken up by the Nepalese police
24 October 2011
China: Beijing’s censors cancel opera’s world premiere
A new opera about Sun Yat-sen, China’s first president, was canceled shortly before its scheduled opening in Beijing because its music allegedly displeased the authorities
12 October 2011
China / Tibet: Young Tibetan singer arrested by Chinese authorities
The singer Hortsang Lhalung Tso is reported to have been detained by Chinese authorities in Tsoe-town of Sangchu county in the Amdho region of eastern Tibet
11 October 2011
China: ‘Super Girl’ music tv-show suspended by government censors
One of China’s most popular televised talent shows, ‘Super Girl’ has been put under yearlong suspension by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
21 September 2011
China: 100 songs on culture ministry’s internet blacklist
100 songs that harm ‘national cultural security’ have been placed on an internet blacklist by China’s culture ministry, reported BBC News on 24 August 2011
29 August 2011
China: Controversial rap song banned and deleted from websites
On 29 May 2011 a rap song dedicated to a Mongolian herder who was brutally killed was banned and removed from all Chinese Internet sites immediately after it was posted
10 August 2011
China: Rock musician arrested in airport
The Chinese rock musician Zuoxiao Zuzhou was detained for over 12 hours by police in Shanghai’s airport, a Hong Kong-based rights group said
29 April 2011
China: American folk singer agreed to Chinese censorship
The 69-year-old American folk singer Bob Dylan – famous for his songs against injustice and for civil rights – agreed to perform in China only with a heavily censored list of songs
11 April 2011
China/Tibet: Singer Tashi Dhondup released from prison
The Tibetan singer Tashi Dhondup has been released from prison, reported Radio Free Asia on 8 February 2011
11 February 2011
China: 18th-century German opera censored in Beijing
Zhang Huan’s production of the Handel opera ‘Semele’ concerned Chinese censors. The officials insisted on a number of changes
29 October 2010
China / Tibet: Banned Tibetan singer disappears
Chinese authorities are looking for Pasang, a popular Tibetan singer, who has gone into hiding after his new music album was banned and confiscated
30 September 2010
China / Tibet: Music film about cultural exploitation and resistance
‘Tibet in Song’ is a tale of cultural exploitation and resistance, which includes the director’s own imprisonment for recording the very songs at the centre of the film
24 September 2010
China: Jeroen De Kloet traces the politics of rock in China
Fuelled by the new sounds that entered China’s illegal doorways, new bands started to experiment with different sounds.
06 July 2010
China / Tibet: Singer imprisoned for publishing ‘subversive songs’
A Chinese court has sentenced the Tibetan singer Tashi Dhondup to one year and seven months’ imprisonment for producing a music album with “subversive songs”
26 April 2010
China: Uncertainty over ban of concerts with American folk singer Bob Dylan
The Chinese government allegedly refused to allow the 68-year-old American folk singer Bob Dylan to perform in Beijing and Shanghai because of his reputation as a protestsinger
07 April 2010
Launch of Freemuse’s new report on censorship of heavy metal music
Mark LeVine is online, ready to communicate with you on Facebook and Skype, from 6 PM to 8 PM GMT on Monday 22 February 2010.
17 February 2010
Freemuse report on censorship of heavy metal music
Headbanging against repressive regimes – Censorship of heavy metal in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and China. Freemuse report no. 9
25 January 2010
China: Ministry makes new push to control online music
The Chinese ministry of culture implements new censorship rules for online music providers by 1 January 2010 to ensure that lyrics are “acceptable”
05 October 2009
China: Western music industry accepts Chinese censorship
Music banned by the Chinese authorities will not be available at a new free Internet music download service launched earlier this week by Google Inc. and major music companies
15 April 2009
China / Tibet: Singer and music shop owner in Lhasa detained by police
Tenzin, a singer from Amdo who owns a music shop in Lhasa, has been detained by the police and accused of downloading ‘illegal music’, reported High Peaks Pure Earth
04 February 2009
China: American band Guns ‘N’ Roses’ new album banned
Guns ’N‘ Roses new album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, is allegedly banned from importation into China – apparently because of its name
27 November 2008
China: Western religious music banned
Western musicians and tour organisers have encountered difficulties with performances in China due to a tightened political control over the arts and Christianity.
23 October 2008
China: Online music store blocked because of pro-Tibetan album
Access to Apple’s online iTunes Store has been blocked in China after it emerged that Olympic athletes have been downloading a pro-Tibetan music album
21 August 2008
China: Authorities stricter on foreign performers
“Any artistic group or individual who have ever engaged in activities which threaten our national sovereignty will not be allowed in,” the Chinese Ministry of Culture stated
22 July 2008
China: Tibetan musicians arrested and “effectively silenced”
Since March 2008, the Tibetan singers Drolmakyi and Jamyang Kyi, and musician Lhundrup have been arrested and held in custody by Chinese authorities
17 June 2008
China: Tightened control over cultural activities
The Chinese Ministry of Culture announced on 26 April 2008 that China will tighten up controls over cultural activities and products ahead of the Summer Olympics
28 April 2008
Tibet, the A.R. of China: Singer and song-writer detained without charges
Jamyang Kyi, prominent Tibetan singer and a song-writer, internet writer and feminist activist, was arrested on 1 April 2008 and is held without charges by Chinese authorities
28 April 2008
Campaign: Urge for immediate release of Tibetan singer
Freemuse joins campaign supporting the Tibetanian singer and song-writer arrested by Chinese authorities
25 April 2008
China: Country profile
In China, the censorship authorities act with the aim of protecting its citizens against “mental contamination” and its government against criticism.
25 April 2008
China: Authorities considered tightening control of foreign artists
During a concert Björk added “Tibet! Tibet!” to her song “Declare Independece”. The statement was followed by angry reactions amongst Björk fans and Chinese politicians.
26 March 2008
China: Censorship of American jazz concert
American jazz pianist Harry Connick Jr. was forced to make last-minute changes to his show when he performed with his band in Shanghai on 8 March 2008
14 March 2008
Taiwan, Province of China: Ban on Tibetan rapper promoted sales of his album
A religious group in Taiwan managed to get the government to ban the singer Singa Rinpoche from entering the country for one year. The ban only increased his popularity
30 October 2007
China: Once banned Taiwanese singer regains popularity
Beijing officials who seven years ago banned the music of Taiwan’s pop star A-Mei now use her name to improve political ties between mainland China and Taiwan
17 September 2007
China: Canto-pop Censorship in China & Singapore
An edited version of a part of a thesis entitled ‘Three Decades of Canto-pop: Hybridization, consolidation and Innovation’, written for University of Liverpool in 2005
04 September 2007
China: Danish rock band requested to change lyrics
In order to be allowed to perform in China, the Danish band Rock Hard Power Spray had to change the title of one of their songs
01 May 2007
3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music and Censorship
200 professional musicians, scholars, and composers from 22 countries met at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference on 25-26 November 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey
18 December 2006
China: Imported music must be approved by ministry
The Chinese Ministry of Culture has said it must approve all imported network music distributed in the country, the official Xinhua news service reported on 12 December 2006.
13 December 2006
Jeroen de Kloet
Video interview with the Dutch Assistant Professor Jeroen de Kloet about the situation in 2006 concerning music censorship in China
06 December 2006
East Turkistan: Uyghur composer died in exile
From his exile in Sweden the Uyghur composer, musician and poet Kurash Sultan was like an ambassador to the Uyghurs in north-western China. He died in Sweden on 29 October 2006.
06 November 2006
Taiwan: Restrictions on mainland Chinese musicians
Taiwan regularly restricts mainland Chinese musicians visiting the island, according to an article in China Post on 17 October 2006
17 October 2006
China: Concert by American rapper Jay-Z censored
Chinese censors stopped a concert by American rapper Jay-Z
16 October 2006
Tibet, the A.R. of China: “singing nun” released
The release of 34-year-old Tibetan nun Nyidron marks the end of the imprisonment in Tibet for a group of women who became known as the “singing nuns” of Drapchi prison
26 April 2006
Tibet, the A.R. of China: Teacher of traditional Tibetan dance imprisoned
A Tibetan monk and teacher of the traditional monastic dance Cham has been sentenced to four years in prison after he gave talks about Tibetan culture and history
24 April 2006
China: Popular music tv programme banned
A programme called “Supergirl” on Hunan provincial television made history among tv programmes in China. Now it has been banned by Chinese authorities.
21 April 2006
China: Rolling Stones had five songs censored
Chinese censors restricted the Rolling Stones from performing five songs when they made their debut in mainland China on 8 April 2006.
10 April 2006
China: Magazine featuring Cui Jian banned
Three weeks after the first copies of a Chinese version of Rolling Stone hit the newsstands and were torn off the shelves, Chinese regulators said they would not allow it to publish a second issue.
30 March 2006
China: The Rolling Stones accepts censorship
Veteran rock star group The Rolling Stones will likely follow the beat of China’s censors when they perform in China in April concert
03 March 2006
China: Ease of restrictions against mainland rock-father Cui Jian
A concert for an audience of 10,000 people marks the end of a decade of censorship against Cui Jian’s angry rap-inflected rock
27 September 2005
China: authorities ban “unhealthy” and “reactionary” performances
Cultural and art authorities in China will strictly ban 10 kinds of “unhealthy” and “reactionary” performances
09 August 2005
China: Hong Kong pop star CoCo Lee’s new album banned
When the singer known as “Asia’s Mariah Carey” launched her new album, it instantly attracted controversy with its sexy image and lyrics
06 May 2005
Kurash Sultan
Interview with exiled Chinese musician on music censorship in East Turkistan / Xinjiang. Interview in Chinese, Swedish and Uyghur. Transcription in English
19 October 2004
Taiwan star silenced by China row
Taiwanese pop singer Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, had to cancel a concert in China after a protest accusing her of supporting independence for the island
13 June 2004
Chinese punk band denied visas
China’s only all girl punk band Hang On the Box have been forced to pull out of a UK tour after the Chinese government deemed their music as “inappropriate” and denied the band visas to travel
13 November 2003
China: “opium song” banned
Faye Wong’s song In the Name of Love, which includes the lyrics “opium is warm and sweet”, will be removed from her upcoming album
30 October 2003
China: Culture, Legislation and Censorship
Excerpts from the article “Chinese Cultural Laws Regulations and Institutions” by Gao Shuxun (ed.)
01 August 2003
China: Freemuse invites China to discuss music censorship
01 April 2003
China ‘orders Stones songs ban’
The Chinese Government has ordered the Rolling Stones to drop four of their best-known songs from their concerts in the country next month, according to a tour organiser
13 March 2003
China: Moon Hee-jun’s song banned
The song “Media,” included in Moon Hee-jun’s second album, was banned by all three major broadcast stations (KBS, MBC, and SBS) for attacking mass media
30 August 2002
Chen Shi-Zheng
The story of an exiled Chinese opera director
01 January 2001

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