China: TV show suspended due to ‘problematic’ values

16 July 2020
Three tv show characters sitting and pointing into the sky
Image: Screenshot from “Shinning Star 2” / YouTube


In June, Hunan Provincial Radio and Television Bureau suspended the animated South Korean show Shining Star 2 / 菲梦少女2 from a broadcaster Golden Eagle Cartoon TV after receiving a complaint about “problematic” values, reported Sina.

According to SupChina, on 22 May a private individual made a complaint to Hunan Provincial Radio and Television Bureau. The claim was made that the TV show presents “problematic” values depicted by the main characters having colourful hair, wearing “loud clothes” and “did costume changes on stage.”

As a result of the complaint, the TV show has been suspended, and the investigation was launched.

Hunan Provincial Radio and Television Bureau released a statement on 10 June, which was made public on their website on 16 June.

In the statement, the Bureau highlights that the show was created to “spread positive energy” and that “the production company gave bold hair colours to different characters to make them more distinguishable. It didn’t intend to encourage children to dye their hair.” They also pointed at some mistakes saying that “[…] they failed to pay enough attention to details and forget how much subtle influence the show would have on children.”

The Bureau ordered a suspension of airing the TV show and encouraged to produce more “high-quality content”, which would be more valuable to the mental growth of kids. They appeal to “[…] the Golden Eagle cartoon channel to fulfil its social responsibilities and be careful about the values it endorses.”

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